19 November 2010

News from NPL

NPL's first app for iPhones and iPads

The Fundamental Physical Constants app covers not only the full range of fundamental constants but also the SI and derived units and SI prefixes. The app has been designed by NPL so researchers in the laboratory can do fast accurate calculations without having to leave their work and consult textbooks ...

Make NPL your science partner
NPL has recently refreshed its Commercial Services pages, giving an updated overview of the capabilities that can help businesses overcome science and technology challenges. NPL is committed to using the science of measurement to help drive innovation, support industry and improve the quality of life ...

NPL supports The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Professor Andre Geim and Dr Konstantin Novoselov, at the University of Manchester, "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene". The Nobel Committee chose 44 seminal papers to illustrate the scientific background on graphene. Among these was a paper co-authored by NPL ...

Large-scale metrology

NPL is very active in the field of large-scale metrology, developing hardware and software systems that together provide a traceable reference metrology framework on which to base performance evaluation technologies and to provide the highest accuracy co-ordinate measurement systems ...

50 years of the SI - a key partner in science and technology

In October, NPL celebrated the 50th anniversary of the International System of Units (SI). NPL's Jonathan Williams explains how essential the SI is to science and society in this video. NPL also produced a downloadable poster and a series of information pages and short videos about each of the SI base units. The BBC promoted the anniversary with a quiz about the SI units, which NPL helped put together ...

Research Funding Opportunities

NPL is able to provide world-leading expertise in a number of different areas. Collaboration is vitally important to maintain this level of expertise and help UK businesses. We invite you to browse through the list of research opportunities below - please contact Peter Benson if any are of interest or you have any questions.

Technology Innovation Fund - NPL

Application of Biometric Technologies for Force Protection and Counter-Terrorism - Technology Strategy Board

SBRI Stroke - Technology Strategy Board

Call for proposals under the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking Third Call - CORDIS

Recent Papers and Reports

Correlation of electron backscatter diffraction and piezoresponse force microscopy for the nanoscale characterization of ferroelectric domains in polycrystalline lead zirconate titanate - J. Appl. Phys.

Dose calculation in biological samples in a mixed neutron-gamma field at the TRIGA reactor of the University of Mainz - Acta Oncol.

What happens inside a fuel cell? Developing an experimental functional map of fuel cell performance - ChemPhysChem

Digital approaches to field neutron spectrometry - Report IR 23

Report on EURAMET key comparison of multiples and submultiples of the kilogram - Report ENG 17


NPL FreeForm Network meeting - 1 December 2010

Surface Analysis for New Technologies - 12 January 2011

Novel Electroanalytical Sensing Systems in Biomedical and Environmental Applications - 25-26 January 2011

Securing and Trusting Internet Names 2011- 4-5 April 2011

13th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces - 12-14 April 2011

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