30 October 2010

Kilogram, anybody?

The Kilogram Is No Longer Valid, US Argues
Fox News
Once upon a time there were seven artifacts in the weights and measures family. Along with the kilogram, there was the candela, which measured luminous ...
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19 October 2010

Remaining TTi Fall 2010 Course Schedule

Join us at Technology Training, Inc. for these remaining
2010 courses. Register today to fulfill your annual training
requirements, continue along toward a TTI Certificate
Program or just to learn how to do your job better and be a
more valuable asset for your company.

"In just a few days you will obtain practical information to
immediately improve your on-the-job performance."

NEVADA Training Center, 2010 Course Schedule

Oct 25-27 196 Digital Data Acquisition
Oct 25-29 197-5 Digital Data Acquisition, Signal
Processing & Analysis
Nov 2-3 230 Climatic Test Techniques
Nov 4-5 240 Accelerated Testing: ESS, HALT &
Nov 8-9 450 Environmental Test Specifications
Nov 10-12 451 Understanding MIL-STD-810G
Nov 8-10 320 Corrosion Control Techniques
Nov 15-17 163 Instrumentation for Test &
Nov 17-19 171 Telemetry Systems
Nov 29-Dec 1 116 Fundamentals of Vibration for Test
Nov 29-Dec 3 620 Electrical Safety Hazards in the
Nov 29-30 134 Calibration Laboratory Operations
Dec 1-3 139 Understanding ISO 17025
Dec 2-3 108 Introduction to Mechanical &
Structural Theory
Dec 8-10 471 Cooling Methods for Electronics
Jan 4-7, 2011 142-4 Mechanical Shock & Modal Test
Jan 18-21 820 Theory and Practical Application of
Pump Technology
Jan 24-27 825 Theory and Practical Application of
Valve Technology

Visit http://www.ttiedu.com for full details on our course
schedule, outlines and travel information.

Technology Training, Inc.
Brian P. Slattery - Vice President
toll-free: 866-884-4338 (866-TTi-4edu)
e-mail: brian@ttiedu.com

13 October 2010

Certified Quality Auditor Refresher Training

Register for the November 6-7 course in Toronto and save more than $200!
Certified Quality Auditor Refresher Training
The Certified Quality Auditor Refresher training, developed and delivered by the ASQ Audit Division, is a two-day course designed and taught to help experienced auditors better prepare for the CQA exam. Through discussion, review, and practice, attendees become thoroughly familiar with the complete body of knowledge for the CQA exam. Topics covered include CQA overview, auditing fundamentals, audit process, auditor competencies, audit program and business applications, and quality tools and techniques. Class discussions include an in-depth overview of the exam process, along with the rationales for correct answers. Sample test questions and answers offer participants a better understanding of the basic principles and applications that will appear on the exam. Attendees also receive a copy of The ASQ Auditing Handbook, Third Edition.
Benefits of Becoming a Certified Quality Auditor:
·         Peer recognition
·         Increase in salary
·         Greater value in the job market
·         Reputation as an expert
Upcoming exam dates:
·         December 4, 2010 (Application deadline: October 15, 2010)
·         May 15, 2011 (Application deadline: April 1, 2011)
·         June 4, 2011 (Application deadline: April 15, 2011)

"ASQ certification as a quality professional demonstrates your personal commitment to your profession. It is evidence of the commitment you have made for keeping technically current. It is an affirmation of your credibility, performance, and contribution."
"ASQ certification has been very beneficial to me during my career. The fact that I am certified has given me the ability to find employment when needed and it greatly enhances my marketability."