28 July 2010

NPL Measurement Network Launched

What is the new Measurement Network?

If measurement is important for your job or organization, then membership will give you access to measurement information and contacts relevant to you. Network members come from a range of business sectors, including energy, transport & manufacturing, defense & security, healthcare, instrument manufacturers, calibration laboratories and academic institutions.


Join now.

Membership benefits:

a.. A programme of measurement seminars and conferences

b.. A quarterly newsletter and monthly e-alerts providing scientific updates

c.. Access to presentations from previous seminars

d.. Networking with other members and NPL scientists

e.. Free access to Good Practice Guides and other publications

f.. Opportunities to influence the formulation of future research programmes

For more information about the network please visit our website.

If you have any questions please contact us:

E-mail: measurement_network@npl.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)208 943 6612

Kind Regards,

Chris Deakin
Network Manager

13 July 2010

TTi Releases Fall 2010 Course Schedule

Our fall series of courses from September to December has
just been released. Join us at Technology Training, Inc.
for our remaining 2010 courses in which we have launched
some new topics of interest!

NEVADA Training Center, 2010 Course Schedule

August 2-5 132-4 Measurement Uncertainty
Sept 8-10 116/117 Fundamentals of Vibration for Test &
Design Applications
Sept 13-14 103 Introduction to
Electrical/Electronic Circuits
Sept 15-17 104-3 Electronics for Non-Electronic
Sept 21-24 820 Theory & Practical Application of
Pump Technology
Sept 27-30 825 Theory & Practical Application of
Valve Technology
Oct 4-5 230 Climatic Test Techniques
Oct 6-7 240 Accelerated Testing: ESS, HALT &
Oct 11-12 310 Mechanical Design for Product
Oct 11-15 157 Fixture Design for Vibration & Shock
Oct 11-12 134 Calibration Laboratory Operations
Oct 13-15 139 Understanding ISO 17025
Oct 18-20 161 Grounding & Shielding for
Oct 21-22 162 Test Procedures for EMI/EMC/ESD
Oct 21-22 130 Metrology Concepts
Oct 25-26 533 Mechanical Engineering Drawing & CAD
Oct 27-29 535 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Oct 25-27 196 Digital Data Acquisition
Oct 25-29 197-5 Digital Data Acquisition, Signal
Processing & Analysis

Visit http://www.ttiedu.com for our full course schedule
through December 2010, and for outlines and travel

"In just a few days you will obtain practical information to
immediately improve your on-the-job performance."

Technology Training, Inc.
Brian P. Slattery - Vice President
toll-free: 866-884-4338 (866-TTi-4edu)
e-mail: brian@ttiedu.com